Bear Mountain is the twelfth episode of the 2015 series.


Jenny calls Bob and the team to fix the new bear enclosure because a bear is arriving next week. Jenny shows the team the old enclosure which is now a picnic area. Bob has a plan to make a mountain with three layers plus a concrete pool and a little cave for the enclosure. After the mountain was built. Wendy and Leo collect trees and bushes while Bob goes to tell Jenny and leaves Scoop in charge to put more rocks on the mountain. Jenny gets a call saying the bear is arriving today and tells Bob. Leo, Wendy and Two-Tonne come with both trees because they couldn't decide which one and they bought blueberry and blackberry bushes. Meanwhile, Scoop, Muck and Lofty add more rocks to make Scoop and the bear happy. Muck didn't want a fierce/angry bear so he helped but Lofty wasn't sure Bob wanted that but he still helped. Bob, Wendy, Leo and Two-Tonne come to the enclosure and are confused. The mountain couldn't take it and collapsed which makes Jenny worried. Scoop apologizes and Bob decides to build it again but using concrete instead of soil to make 4 layers. The team build the mountain and add the pool, cave, trees and bushes. Two-Tonne comes with the bear in a crate and Lofty lifts it in and Jenny opens the crate and finds two bears (the mother and her cub). They like the mountain and Jenny calls it Scoop's Peek which makes Muck and Lofty jealous and ask bob if they can be named after a mountain but Bob says "no more mountains."


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