Conrad is The main antagonist in Bob The Builder Mega Machines The Movie. He owns Thud, Crunch, and Ace; the Mega Machines. After helping Bob and co. clear a quarry, he realizes he lost out on the dam-building contract to Bob and plans to get revenge.



  • TBA

Voice Actor

  • Brian Cox (UK/US)
  • Choi Han (Korean)
  • Masahi Ebara (Japanese)


  • "Yes Conrad's Back In The Game!"
  • "Good To See You Again Bob"
  • "Hello Everyone"
  • "Helpful is my middle name!"
  • "I don't think so!"
  • "Well Now It's Payback Time My Friend What I Want You To Do Is This".
  • "Sure I'm Sure Unless You Count The Good Name Of Bob The Builder Hahaha Just Think About It Ace If You Don't Do What I Ask It's Bye Bye Job Hello Scrap Heap Again!"
  • "Go On One Scoop Of Water Five Of Sand"
  • "Yes You Will"
  • "Do You Know What Happen's To Machines On The Scrap Heap Ace? They Get Broken Up And Crushed!"
  • "Just Do It!"
  • "Bob Let Me Explain"
  • "Out Of My Way You Two"
  • "I Hope That Means I'm Sorry Conrad"
  • "Stay Back You Two Without Me You'll Be Back On The Scrap Heap"
  • "Concrete Mixers Hey? Well Well That Is An Important Job"
  • "And When It's Time To Build The New Dam Who Do You Think They're Gonna Call The Number 1 Builder In Spring City Conrad The Contractor"
  • "And Then We Can Rebuild That Too"
  • "Where Do You Think You're Going Ace"
  • "Great Work Guys What A Team Oh Scoop I Just Remembered I Think Bob Wants A Word With You"
  • "And Ace"
  • "Remember How I Saved You When You Were Thrown Off The TV Show"
  • "Hey What Are You Two Hunks Of Rust Doing Get To Work Before I Send Back To The Scrap Heap!"(First Evil Words)

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