Roley is a fussy and fastidious steamroller with a bit of an obsessive nature who always aims for perfection. His determination to get everything perfect can sometimes delay a build, but with Roley as part of the team and his passion for rolling, Bob knows he will always have a perfectly smooth road.


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  • He was closely resembled a 1940's Aveling Barford or Bhaskar Diesel Road Roller in the original series. Now, he is a Compactor Vibromax VM115D.
  • His US voice actor, Ian James Corlett is the father of Dizzy's US actor, Claire Corlett. They also worked together on Dinosaur Train. Ian voiced the Conductor and Claire voiced Tiny. Ian's son, Philip Corlett, was also on the show as the voice of Buddy in the first season in the US dub. Claire also voiced Sweetie Belle in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic from the fourth season onwards.
  • According to a YouTuber called James A Williams, Roley does not have the same design as his classic counterpart, yet he is rather fussy and keeps on making sure the ground is flat as possible instead of just wanting it smooth and calm with a love of music.

Voice Actor

  • Marcel McCalla (UK)
  • Ian James Corlett (US)
  • Um Sang Hyun (Korean)


  • "Can I watch, Wendy? I like how you fix electrical things!"
  • "Ooooh! That looks tricky!"
  • "That's how I roll!
  • "Woww! You sure do a lot, Wendy!"
  • "Wendy sure does a lot of "one things at a time"!
  • "The tarmac is flat!" (catchphrase)
  • "Bob, shall I roll the tarmac one more time?"
  • "No! No! I've missed a bit."
  • "Okay, everyone! It's done. The tarmac is flat."
  • "Now I've ruined everything! I'm so sorry."
  • "Oh no! I've flattened all of the instruments and ruined the concert! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!"