Two-Tonne is a big powered cab unit who likes to get everything just right. A very adaptable heavy goods vehicle, he can haul heavy materials and equipment on different types of trailers, including Bob's mobile office. His experience and knowledge is invaluable to Bob and the team, and so the machine team often look up to him in admiration.


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  • In the US, Two-Tonne does not have a catchphrase along with Wendy and Leo.
  • He has different trailers, a flatbed, a dumper trailer and a concrete mixer trailer.
  • In the original series, the machines were mature, with Scoop being the most mature. In the reboot, the machines are young, making Two-Tonne be the oldest machine, as he's the biggest and strongest.

Voice Actor

  • Terry Mynott (UK)
  • Richard Newman (US)
  • Sin Yong Woo (Korean)
  • Gadi Levy (Hebrew)
  • Fredrick Steen (Norweigen)


  • "You can depend on me, Bob!" (UK)
  • Oh no, no, no. You never mess with concrete, Scoop. We'll be making the usual concrete. (UK)
  • Oh, no, no, no, you don't mess with concrete. Scoop, we'll be making the usual concrete. (US)
  • Oh yes. Flat, smooth and very very grey.
  • Now, remember, Scoop, always measure out the ingredients correctly or it just won't work. That's two parts cement, two parts aggregate, one part water, one part sand.
  • Ah, there's nothing like the usual concrete.
  • That's a mighty fine giant pink elephant you've got there Lofty.
  • Well. Mr pink elephant might want to move out of way because I've got all these building materials for you.
  • Good luck getting it all in.